Raili Roy, Assistant Dean for Global Programs and Associate Faculty

Raili Roy holds a PhD in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies from The Ohio State University; two master’s degrees in history from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Kolkata, India, with specializations in immigration history and comparative women’s history in South Asia and United States. Roy’s dissertation, entitled “Jagoron: Awakening to Gender in Non-Governmental Organizations in Contemporary Bengal,” explored the recent history of women’s movement in India, which is dominated by discourses on roles of Non-governmental Organizations fostering women’s empowerment. The study challenges simplistic conclusions about the role of NGOs to promote women’s empowerment by raising questions about conceptualizations of empowerment in an organization. The dissertation identified circumstances that play key roles in the conceptualization of empowerment and that influence not only the goals and strategies of the organizations but also the relationships among the multiple actor that contribute to the financing, management, and outcomes of NGOs. Prior to coming to NYU, Roy served as the Associate Director of the South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where she led a service-learning study abroad program in India and developed globally focused programming with schools, educational organizations, and community groups. In addition, she taught courses on topics such as women in social movements in South Asia, gender, development and women’s empowerment in South Asia, and gender and globalization in South Asia. Raili is the recipient of several honors and awards, including the UPenn’s Models of Excellence Award, the Gordon P. K. Chu Graduate Scholarship, and the Coca Cola Critical Difference for Women Graduate Studies Award for dissertation research.