Ann Marcus, Professor of Higher Education

Director of The Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy

Ann Marcus joined the program in Higher Education after serving as Dean of the Steinhardt School of Education for 14 years. Her interests in higher education include international and comparative policy, leadership studies, organizational culture and a wide range of issues focused on access and quality in the U.S. and abroad. Her career has included a variety of senior leadership positions in both the public and private sectors of higher education. At the City University of New York, she served as Director of Planning for Community Colleges and later joined LaGuardia Community College as its first Dean of Continuing Education. She joined NYU in 1976 as Dean of the School of Continuing Education, and in the 1980’s served as Vice President for Student Affairs, helping to fashion NYU’s rise as a national research university. Dr. Marcus directs the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy which seeks to raise public awareness about the essential roles of colleges and universities in modern societies. The Institute supports research and sustained dialogue that enhance our understanding of higher education as an institution that both reflects and influences social, cultural, racial and economic difference. The Institute’s programs encourage collaborative relationships among scholars, institutional leaders and policy makers and are informed by the commitment to the ideal of the university as an institution that advances the public interest. Dr. Marcus has a B.A. from Brandeis University, an M.Sc. from The London School of Economics and an Higher and Adult Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College.