Gayatri Gopinath, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis

Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis; Director of Asian/Pacific/American Studies

Columbia University, M.A., Ph.D. 1998
Wesleyan University, BA 1994

(212) 998-9045

(212) 995-4146
Areas of Research/Interest:
Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Feminist Theory
Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures (Duke University Press, 2005)

“Local Sites, Global Contexts: The Transnational Trajectories of Deepa Mehta’s Fire,” in Queer Globalizations: Citizenship, Sexualities and the Afterlife of Colonialism, edited by Arnaldo Cruz Malave and Martin Manalansan (NYU Press, 2002)

“Homo-Economics: Queer Sexualities in a Transnational Frame” in Burning Down the House: Recycling Domesticity, edited by Rosemary M. George (Westview Press, 1998).