Erin Mee, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of English, Drama

Areas of Research/Interest:

Contemporary Indian performance, Theories of acting and directing, Spectatorship, Neuroperformance, Contemporary Remakings of Greek tragedy

External Affiliations:

Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, New York Theatre Workshop Usual Suspect, Lincoln Center Director’s Lab, Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Performance Studies International


Erin B. Mee’s book The Theatre of Roots: Redirecting the Modern Indian Stagewas published in 2008 by Seagull Books and Palgrave-McMillan (part of the Enactments series edited by Richard Schechner). She is co-editor (with Helene Foley of Barnard College) of Antigone on the Contemporary World Stage (Oxford University Press, 2011), which examines the reasons and ways Antigone has been mobilized in a wide variety of historical, political, and cultural contexts around the world; and editor of DramaContemporary:India, a collection of modern Indian plays published in the United States by Johns Hopkins University Press and in India by Oxford University Press. Her articles have appeared in TDR, Theater Journal, Performing Arts Journal, Seagull Theatre Quarterly, American Theatre Magazine, and in numerous edited books. In addition to her scholarship, Ms. Mee is a theatre director who has worked at some of the most important theatres in the United States, including New York Theatre Workshop, The Public Theatre, The Guthrie Theater, and The Magic Theatre. In India she has directed two of Kavalam Narayana Panikkar’s plays in Malayalam with his company Sopanam. Her research areas include contemporary Indian performance, directors on actor training, neuroperformance, spectatorship, and the reception of classical plays.


Fulbright Grant, Dean’s Dissertation Award, Paul Goddard Award for Dissertation Work


2014    Co-editor (with Kevin Wetmore and Siyuan Liu) Modern Asian Theatre and Performance 1900-2000. Methuen.

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2014    Article on Naomi Wallace in The Theatre of Naomi Wallace: Embodied Dialogues, edited by Scott Cummings. Palgrave MacMillan.

2014    Editor of India entries (and author of many of the entries) for:Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stage Actors and Acting. General Editor: Simon Williams. Cambridge University Press.

2013    “Hearing the ‘Music of the Hemispheres,’” a born-digital multimodal composition-article about “neuroperformance” for TDR 57:3, T219. Fall.

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