Manu Goswami, Associate Professor of History

University of Chicago, PhD 1998

  • Office Address: King Juan Carlos Center, Room 614
  • Email:
  • Phone: 212.998.8632
  • Field of Study: South Asia
  • Areas of Research/Interest: 19th & 20th century Indian history, History of Economic Thought, Political Economy, Social Theory, Historiography

Manu Goswami’s research and teaching center on nationalism and internationalism, political economy and the history of economic thought, social theory and historical methods. Her book, Producing India: From Colonial Economy to National Space was published in 2004 by the University of Chicago. It was the inaugural volume of an interdisciplinary book series, Chicago Studies in the Practices of Meaning. It explored the emergence and trajectory of concepts of India as a spatially bounded national economy and a national space. Adopting an explicitly global framework, it sought to underline the limits of methodological nationalism in histories of colonial state formation, imperial capitalism, and nationalist discourse. She is currently working on an intellectual and political history of colonial internationalisms during the interwar decades. Her longer-run research interests include the place and status of empire in the work of major classical and neo-classical economists during the nineteenth and twentieth century. She has worked with graduate students in modern European history, Chinese history, Atlantic World, African history, and the joint MEIS program as well as in American Studies, comparative literature, and sociology. She was a fellow in the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2010-2011. She serves on the editorial board of Public Culture.


Producing India: From Colonial Economy to National Space (Chicago, 2004)


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